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Friday, 29 July 2016

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Ok here we go… You can probably guess by the title of this blog that I’m an actor, well you guessed right. I have been an actor for most of my life, starting when I was 6. I am now edging towards 30 at 28.

So what is this? Well I wanted to start a blog that highlights the ups and downs of the acting industry and also as a way for others to see what inspires me to hopefully help others to follow their dreams. This won’t just include acting but will also touch on health, fashion, relationships and general life.

Firstly though I wanted to do a few blogs about acting so you understand where I am coming from. There was recently a hashtag trending on Twitter #whyanactor - what got me into acting was seeing films, on video may I add, at my grandmas every time I went to stay over the holiday periods. Mrs Doubtfire and E.T were huge favourites of mine back then, as well as The Gremlins (oh the nightmares I had).

I was never a very confident child, I wasn’t bullied or anything I was just quiet and sometimes today I still struggle with being me. Acting and having a character to play always seemed easier than being myself and I somehow became addicted to it.

Going through my training I have never wanted to do anything else. In fact to put it in a better way I don’t know how to do anything else. There is some sort of saying about ‘you cant focus on plan a if you have a plan b’. Please correct me if that is the wrong wording as I am terrible at quoting sayings right, but I believe in it none the less.

Being an actor you have to deal with huge amounts of rejection and have the thickest skin. Not because people may be nasty or bitchy (which they can be), but because I honestly get about one job out of every 15 auditions I go for. I am put up for a job for £10,000 for one days work almost every month. However, they hardly ever materialise. Money can become few and far between, always living right down to your last penny and this can really get caught up in your head. I constantly ask myself why.

However, the feeling for me when being on set is so drug like that it over rides any low that has proceeded. I believe keeping your mental health in check is very important within the acting industry. One way I deal with this is to write. I use writing as a huge outlet. Whether screenplay or novel I like to keep creative at all moments by writing. It’s strange as well as I was awful at English at school but now I love writing and reading passionately.

Anyway that’s a short introduction into my acting life. Maybe in the next blog I will answer the famous question all actors get asked ‘so what are you up to now’? In the meantime be sure to check me out on Twitter and Instagram for inspirational messages and little rants.


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