It's Easy Being Green

Monday, 15 August 2016

Two years ago, I went for a headshot session with an amazing photographer, Claire Newman Williams. On setting up the shoot day, Claire told me to choose one top that colour matched that of my eyes.

Having no idea why (I was going to just take black and grey tops with me), she took the photos and the outcome was amazing.

Matching a t-shirt with your eyes really brings them out and makes you look happier without bright colours that can be hard to implement into men’s fashion. And I tell you this secret because we all know how hard it is to get away from black.

My eyes are green so I have a range of deep green t-shirts that I can go to. The one I wore this week I recently brought from Zara and is made of a really light material that is perfect for the summer days (the one I wore in my headshot was from Topman). I am wearing a medium size again to add to the drop and loose feel.

I matched this with black jeans from Topman and grey loose boots from ASOS.

This takes the biker look down one peg and has a comfortable and relaxed feel to it.

So whether blue, green, grey or brown, get a few deep shaded t-shirts that match your eyes. This is a simple trick to make you stand out.


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