Should Of Put A Ring On It

Friday, 19 August 2016

I’m a huge fan of men’s jewellery and I am literally obsessed with wanting to get a few tattoos on my hands. But unfortunately being in the industry I am, they are pretty much frowned upon, unless you are Johnny Depp that is.

And speaking of Johnny Depp, he is a huge fashion inspiration of mine. I love his quirkiness within fashion that he portrays in a non-overwhelming manner. He takes eccentric fashion and makes it work.

Areas I like to take inspiration from him are his hands (definitely not his relationships). He always wears huge silver and black rings to dress around his tattoos.

I feel rings give you that quirky edge, that rock and roll look but in a subtle way.

I own four 100% sterling silver rings at the minute, which I wear pretty much every day. But I have intention of having two more, at least.

A great tip is to make sure the rings you buy are 100% sterling silver as they wont leave that horrible black mark on your hands, are more durable and last longer. They are a lot more money but it is totally worth it.

The rings I have so far are from ASOS and Topman but one place I really want to get a few rings from is ‘The Great Frog’ on Canarby Street. Each of their rings are hand designed and made for you. Check them out here (pretty sexy I think you will agree). I just need to get some money in that savings account to get one or hold out until Christmas.

So whilst I can’t artistically express myself by tattooing my hands, I will take a page out of Johnny Depp’s book and put a ring on it. 


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