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Friday, 5 August 2016

Welcome to my first ever fashion post, eek. So I am writing a fashion post for men each week (#FashionFriday) as I believe it is truly under looked within media. There are a few magazines that look at high-end fashion for men but I didn’t want to do luxury fashion as it can be very expensive, not practical and I very rarely wear it.

I wanted to do everyday looks that make you look and feel like you know how to dress, outfits that can add to your personality without making you uncomfortable. Most of what I wear is from the high street or online.

At the minute, I am a huge fan of the biker look. I think its practical for summer and the cooler nights and when you are rocking long unkempt hair it kind of just works.

Coming from a dance background (see up coming blogs for information) I also love to mix my style with a commercial look. I find mixing the two makes you look though you have tried with your fashion but also have dressed for comfort, which is very important for me. It’s a very special occasion if you catch me in a shirt. Here are the details for an outfit I wore this week.

Leather Jacket: River Island (ASOS Sale)
T-shirt: Topman (I am a small size but I’m wearing a medium, as I love the looser, oversized feel)
Jeans: Topman
Boots: Timberlands
Checked Shirt (tied around waist): Topman

The biker look is very hot right now, so men dust off your old leather jackets, get them boots out the cupboard and if you have a motorbike to ride as well then you have nailed the look and I am very jealous.

See you next week.


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