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Monday, 8 August 2016

You’ve seen the Marvel films and you’ve seen the pictures that woman (and men) dribble over. I am talking about the elite A-lister bodies such as Tom Hardy or Chris Hemsworth.

These are the bodies that men across the world aim for and base their bodies on. This is seen as perfection.

Women’s physiques are scrutinised regularly on prime time TV and in newspapers and magazines, and it is well publicised that this scrutiny can affect younger girls, however the effect the obsession with a muscly physique has on young men is not. It is seen that to be a man you must be muscly and built. Perfect six pack, broad chest and trunk thighs, all chiselled to perfection.

So what do you do as a man, and is this impression of the male body healthy?

I for one am struggling with the whole male physique thing. I want bigger arms, a bigger chest and bigger legs. It is seen in the acting world as coming across manly and would help my on screen appeal much more.

I trained as a dancer before getting into acting so I am used to fitness and technique. However I am not used to fitting this into my routine (if you can call a 24/7 career that) or my current bank account situation.

Over the last few months I have decided to join the gym again (‘The Gym’ in Waterloo) as this seems to be the cheapest option with the best equipment available. I do have weights in my room, but they are just collecting dust as I find a gym so much more inspiring than working out in my room, which is hot and limited for space.

By hitting the gym, I’m aiming to gain much more mass as that will hopefully help my casting ability within Film and TV, but I can’t help but ask if this is a body disorder? I used to suffer from anorexia as a teenager because I wasn’t happy with my body. Is this just the same illness in reverse?  Why am I feeling like I need to change my body to make myself happier and why do I aspire to other people in the media as a target?

Of course I am not saying that just generally getting down to the gym is not great for your health and wellbeing. I am purely asking why is this ‘Greek-like body’ my idea of what a man should look like?

I hope that one-day men and women can look how they want and support each other for it, with all body shapes and sizes celebrated within media.

I shall post fitness updates on here so keep an eye out, and also let me know if you are on a body transformation.


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