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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

As an actor the pressure that you can experience in a casting room can be great. You want that job and you need the money that comes with it to pay your rent and it would be great for your profile. You received the script the night before, you couldn’t sleep so you're knackered and you felt nervous in the morning so you skipped breakfast. Sound familiar?

But wait why is a casting so nerve-racking? Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves as actors to get the job? You can act, you trained and you’re a nice person. The job should be yours. Right?

Well, yes and casting directors are rooting for us. But that is not the end of the line.

Being a filmmaker myself I have had the pleasure of casting actors just like myself. Running auditions and sitting behind a table, watching people perform (it’s quite fun I must admit). The second someone walks into a room you hope for the best and as an actor it is our job to do our best.

What we actors don’t see though is that there are many aspects to why you didn’t get that job that are out of your control.

If you are called in for a casting, the casting director believes in your talent and you are there for a reason. So just deliver for them and do your best. Later on you may not be what the producer has in mind or the director has in mind. Someone with more exposure may have been in after you. You might not match the person height wise that you are acting with. The director’s friend could have walked in. The character may of been written in a different way. There is literally hundreds of reasons that could stop you from getting that job, that we as actors, have no control over.

We can only do our best, in that situation, on that day our casting falls on. My advice is to be prepared as you can. Learn the lines, research the character, make a bold choice, be adaptable and be professional.

Once the audition is over though, forget it. Don’t let it play on your mind. Move on. Look for the next job. Don’t hang around by your phone, as it will drive you crazy.

I like to remember that everyone on a film or TV programme or commercial or theatre job is a freelancer. Everyone.

Everyone is looking to do his or her best and get the next job. Everyone is in the same boat, whether producer, director or casting director.

They want you to be what they are looking for in the room as much as you want the job because it saves them time and money.

So take that pressure off, just do your best and enjoy the casting experience, its not going anywhere.


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