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Monday, 15 August 2016

I recently went to a talk with Gina McKee, in which she talked about acting and took questions from actors wanting advice.

What was clear was that one of the most commonly asked questions was ‘how do you deal with rejection’ and ‘what do you do between jobs’?

The acting industry is full of huge ups and downs, a ton of rejection and days and days of no work. This can massively affect your mental health and I believe it’s important to understand what you can do to help.

Now I will be very honest here, I am a through and through believer in doing what you want in life, so much so that I have had moments when I haven’t been able to that and I have thought about packing it all in. Not packing the dream in but suicidal thoughts of packing life in.

I struggle massively with my creativity. This creative energy is what us artists live for but it can also be hugely destructive if you cannot express it. I am also a huge space geek and constantly find myself watching documentaries or researching what news NASA has. This may sound like learning (and it is) but it is also my brain not being able to cope with the world we live in.

I find the news highly terrifying and the way we treat others depressing. Space to me is an outlet that makes me think how lucky I am and that there is a much bigger picture to everything and nothing really matters (make sure you read that sentence in a positive way, otherwise it becomes very negative and its not meant that way).

I am not religious in anyway, so what do I do to help my creativity, supress depressive thoughts and gain thoughts of hope?

I do exactly what Gina McKee suggested, I write and I create my own work.

Doing this helps me to stay focused, feel like I am progressing, makes me learn and make mistakes and also gives me more doors to open in my life.

At the minute I am working on making my first feature film on literally no budget, but we are very lucky this day and age to have cheap cameras available and also social media that you can access collaborators easily. This pre-production, production and post-production will keep me believing in my dream through the down time I have between the few jobs I have coming up at the minute.

I also write every single day, whether a blog post, part of a book I am writing or just my gratitude list. But I find that writing makes my thoughts clearer and gets out the imagination that can get stuck and built up in my head, (my girlfriend literally calls me the weirdest person she’s met).

So if you struggle in this industry or another industry, make sure you find a way to help yourself. I can’t recommend writing enough and if I can do it, anyone can.

If you are creating your own work, let me know what you are up to.

Stay healthy.


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