Friday, 26 August 2016

So I have never been impressed by the choice of men's fashion at Primark. Maybe it's me being snobby but their clothes always seem basic and undesigned. I have also always been put off by the mile long queue at the tills too.

However, walking past the store on Tottenham Court Road and having time to kill, I thought I would venture in. Marching past all the junk and tat, I noticed the jeans section and more importantly the fact that they did Biker Jeans. 

In Grey, Black and Blue these jeans are really unique and I advise you to go check them out whilst you can. Randomly they seemed to have a load of 26 inch waist ones and being small myself (30 inch waist), I wondered who the hell could fit into such small jeans.

I unfortunately couldn't buy myself a pair just yet due to lack of funds but most people get paid today so go and get yourself some of those ripped, padded jeans. They seem durable and good quality and were roughly £25.

What I also found was that they had band merch t-shirts. I immediately picked up the Guns and Roses iconic one, checked the price tag (£8), bargain, done deal. I mean you can't go wrong with a Guns and Roses t-shirt.

Having not stepped in Primark for a few years I was actually slightly impressed. There wasn't a lot on offer but there were a few gems. I also love the fact they are catering to the Biker/Rocker look at a faction off the price.

So this weekend go grab your jeans, put on some boots and dust off that band merch. Let me know if you find any gems in Primark too.


Jacket - River Island | T-shirt - Primark | Shirt - Topman | Jeans - Topman (self ripped) | Boots - Deichmann

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