Tattoo or not to Tattoo

Monday, 29 August 2016

Recently on my Time Hop pictures of my tattoos came up from when I got a shoulder wrap-around on my back last year.

Now I am a massive fan of tattoos. I hate the way people look at people with tattoos and stereotype them into some sort of criminal (this is very present in films, as I recently watch 'Sicario' and all the Mexican drug dealers where covered in them). I think they are real works of art and expression not an expression of criminalisation.

I cant help but stare at someone’s tattoos as I want to know their story or what that tattoo means to them, if anything. I do wonder if my girlfriend thinks I am checking out girls when the walk past with tattoos, but I am not I am just looking at the tatts, honest.

So me, I have eight tattoos currently, four on my chest, a shoulder wrap-around, one on my back, one on my arm and one on my hip. I want to cover my chest in tattoos and have a few designs from a heart to a wolf that I want to explore.

I am a massive fan of Ryan Rogers at Cherry Tattoos in Hornchurch. He has done the tattoos on my chest and the wrap around on my shoulder. His drawings are a mixture of neo-traditional and geometric. We have plans to complete my chest by adding a human heart made out of old, burnt film and a wolf on to it with a few smaller tattoos filling the gaps.

I also have plans on getting the ‘chip’ on my shoulder (that came from my nickname as I used to smash my teeth out a lot when I was younger) covered up with a geometric pattern that goes down my back.

Now this isn’t because I regret the tattoo, but purely because it now does not fit in with the others that I have theme wise and I would like them to compliment each other. I will get the 'chip' moved to somewhere else none-the-less.

Tattoos were heavily frowned upon within the acting industry, but I now believe they are more accepted. This is very true within the film and TV section of the industry and less so to the commercial area. Examples being Tom Hardy and Ruby Rose.

I know for a fact that I have not got one job I was perfect for before, because of my tattoos. I was up for a 'Galaxy' commercial once (with a fairly big buyout), but because the shoot was topless and I have an ‘Xmen’ tattoo on my chest it would not have fitted the branding of the said company.

Again I do not regret getting any of my tattoos, I think as long as you can cover them up when shooting then go for it. And hey commercials pay you well but don’t advance your career.

So are there any tattoos you have plans of getting and/or have you any that have stopped you getting work? Lets hear your stories.

And if you are planning on getting one then give Ryan a call at Cherrys Tattoos (01708 473666).


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