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Monday, 12 September 2016

About a month ago I had two massive bag disasters (riveting story coming up). 

First, one of my favourite rucksacks broke whilst I was out and about one day and I had to carrying it like I was walking down some sort of runway. Then a week or so later I was out again and leant against a wall where the paint was still wet. My bag went from black to blue.

Annoyed and bagless, I needed a new one. The only problem I had is that I didn't want to spend £60 on a bag I had seen in Urban Outfits, I wanted something similar but much much cheaper.

I had a look in various shops but couldn't find anything but upon noticing ASOS had a sale I immediately had a gander.

I like to have a staple bag in black as it goes with everything, is very casual and practical. At least once a week I have take out a lot of film equipment and a backpack is the most practical to carry this in, over a holdall.

Anyway riveting story over, this bag is by Element and was £16.50 down from £30.

*On a side note this bag has a great laptop section inside it to protect your laptop with a slight padding. I didn't know this until I received it but I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully I won't get any more scratches on my MacBook now. 

What's the main bag you use day to day?


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