3 Tips To Finding Work

Monday, 26 September 2016

This post is all about finding those crucial auditions, how to keep in work and your profile up. I hope it helps you because this is what I do day to day to keep up with my acting career.

Tip #1

Get An Agent: Recently I have had a few friends ask me about my agent (Dragon Personal Management) and I could not recommend them enough. But by this tip I don't mean just get an agent and sit back letting them do the work. Be in regular contact with them, update your photos and showreel regularly and communicate with them on work you want or don't want to do. 

I believe getting a middle of the rung agent rather than a top one if you are starting out, as you will have a more one to one relationship with them. It's pretty simple to find out about agents these days, use 'Contacts', use Spotlight and use IMDB. Make sure you apply with a personal email rather than a chain email, keep the faith and contact them every time you do something new.

Tip #2

Casting Call Pro: Spotlight is a must if you want to be seen seriously in this industry, but one casting site I love to recommend is Casting Call Pro. Being a premium member is pretty expensive at £20 a month (you can pay yearly for cheaper) but if you are serious about it and use it in the right way you can pretty much guarantee that you will make that back and more each month.

Make sure you check it within office hours is my top tip here and make sure your cover letter is small, to the point and with all the relevant links and showreel. Also don't apply to jobs that you are not right for as you will only piss the casting director off and be laughed at. 

Use it everyday and you will find it will work, I promise. 

Tip #3

Be Social: Many actors tell me they are not on twitter and I frankly don't get it. Get on there now. Production Companies and Directors cast on it all the time. Follow the people that matter and keep your feed acting related. Get your followers up by communicating and having relevant content and use the right hashtags. Some films are cast purely on profile (twitter followers) so get on it and get seen.

Get to networking events run by Raindance and The BFI. Attend the premieres (LFF and RDFF) that you can and also chat to other actors that are making showreels and web series. 

I hope this helps a little to uncover a few tips to finding work in the industry. Keep active, keep relevant and keep pushing.

Got any other tips to share?


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