Friday, 30 September 2016

Let's all rejoice the BEST fashion season is upon us. Autumn/Winter is well and truly here : )

Now this may all seem very American but what I love about the 'fall' is warm hearty meals, cosy nights in, red wine by the buckets, fireworks, halloween and pumpkin spiced everything. But what I love most about this season is the fashion.

Men's Spring/Summer fashion can be slightly boring, with t-shirts and shorts (not that you will ever catch me in shorts) but Autumn/Winter men's fashion gives you so many more options.

Big knitted jumpers, tailored coats, boots galore and think chunky socks they are all things I look forward to putting on.

My top tip for the coming season is layers, layers, layers. The more the better.

The cold days will soon be here but for now I wore all black (jeans and t-shirt from Topman) and matched it with and camel coat from ASOS.

Camel is a statement colour these days so pairing with all black makes it look slick and uniformed. The smart shoes worn are also from ASOS. (No prize for guessing where I regularly shop).

So as the weather turns cold what will you be wearing?


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