Monday, 12 September 2016

This week I am out filming in Portugal, I am very excited to be stuck in on a wonderful script with a great cast and crew. However, you always get that awkward conversation upon telling people that I am away next week. I seemed to be constantly faced with the question 'work or holiday'?

I, of course, obviously answered 'work' but a lot of people were still saying 'oh at least you can have a little holiday though' or 'I'm sure you will get sometime to go to the beach, lucky you'.

Firstly I'm sorry, what? Yes I may be abroad but that does not mean I am swanning around on the beach filming when I want. It is a full on schedule with not much time for anything in-between shoot and press. This is not a holiday, this is work. In fact this is the first time this year I will be going abroad. All this also got me thinking, when do we as actors get to rest and actually holiday.

I for one find having a day of doing nothing very hard so imagine, when I am actually on holiday I still apply to castings, I am still on the end of my phone to my agent and I am still bashing out film ideas and pages of writing. I would also drop everything if a job came through or even an audition I really wanted to go to came up.

I also find it very hard to decide when to holiday. Does anyone else feel like each time you book a holiday you get three castings and two job offers all in the same week? Why does this happen? Should we as actors be pursuing our career 24/7 all year round?

The answer to this is obviously no but it still doesn't stop me from doing it. I want to go on holiday over christmas and the other day I found myself looking for jobs in theatre abroad so I could work at the same time. Does this happen in other industries? Is this just me?

Have you got any stories about having a holiday being booked and work coming up?

Is it healthy to not have a break or am I so in love with what I do that I don't need one.

Answers on a postcard.


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