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Monday, 19 September 2016

We've all had that casting come through of a job that we really want. We've nailed the audition (in our head) and then not heard a thing. Ok it must be a no.

Well recently I have seen a post from Spotlight asking if in this industry is it ok that we are not told if we don't get the job after a casting. 

Personally I think it is ok if you attended the first casting and you hear nothing about a recall, but after a few rounds it does seem almost rude that you are not told.

Work may have been turned down for the opportunity to attend the casting, family or friends planned may have been missed. And not to count then endless hours researching the role and preparing. 

Now I know casting directors are swamped with work and this is their least priority. It would just be nice if you are in the last eight or so that you are told either way. 

What I wanted to chat about though is how do you deal with not knowing and the rejection.

For me I like to attend every audition with showing the casting director, director, producer or whoever is on the panel that I am the right choice for them. I may not be the complete brief but by calling me in I am going to show you what I would want to do with the role and then let you direct me. If they don't like me after that then I know I was not right, not that I am not good enough.

Upon completion of the casting I will make a pact with myself to forget about it completely. I will not tell my friends or family much and I will not dwell on it. I move on.

If I am successful and get a recall then I will attack that audition in the very same way.

I know we all get caught up on the profile of the film or the money involved but let's just get on with our lives because there is always another casting around the corner and you never know, that one might be yours.

How do you deal with castings? 

Keep at it people.


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