Method Man?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

You've have probably heard the stories that Jared Leto send dead mice to the rest of the Suicide Squad cast to get in the mind set of the Joker and you have most likely heard the stories of those actors that stay in character completely whilst in production, even down to being referred as their characters name.

Method acting is their go to and it is also very popular and a great PR stunt. But with all these actors using method acting have we lost what acting actually is?

Acting for me is just using my imagination. It's that simple. I don't need to kill someone to get in the mind space of a murderer. I'll do my research, character studies and then you know what I will just pretend.

I am not a great fan in methods full stop as I believe there is no true way to act. Every character is different, everyone has different ticks and personalities.

I truly believe that if you want to act and be a good actor then research research research. Find moments is stories already told to help, find moments in yourself to assist and then just pretend. 

Lawrence Olivier once said to Dustin Hoffman because he had stayed up all night to look like a character that had stayed up all night 'Why not try acting? It's much easier'. 

I love this quote and although it may or may not be true I would rather use my imagination and act than use 'method'.

Obviously each to their own and there are some great method performances out there but how far should this be taken and would that actor be able to get there without the pain?

Do you agree? What methods do you use or not use?


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