The Great Collaboration

Friday, 16 September 2016

When I first decided I wanted to learn about all aspects of film to help my acting, I brought a camera. We are talking about four years ago.

I made a short film with my then friend and later decided I wanted to set my own production company up.

Luckily being a friendly person and working in the right places (I mean normal jobs) I was able to connect with a few filmmakers and script writers. This has enabled me to get productions up and running and all the awards I have won since are due to these people.

I believe it is so important to find people that think like you (or don't) that you can work with and pen ideas and have a group of people that will help you get projects up and running. 

I am currently in the process of a making two more short films and also my first feature. However, without my network I would be getting know where. This is why when a script writer and friend of a friend approached me with a few ideas I was happy to sit and help. 

I knew I was only offering equipment, talent and time but that didn't bother me. This is one of the hardest industries to be in and I think sometimes it can be very lonely and you are just working for yourself. This is why when people ask me I am more than happy to collaborate. 

Now I am not saying I am willing to work for free, but if I believe in the project, can have some creative control and can see that there is no or little budget, then I am happy to work with that person.

Imagine if we all collaborated together the art that could be produced. Get out there find a friend and getting making people. Most of the greats started out this way.


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Photo credit: Greg Goodale

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