The Lottery

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Now I am not talking about paying £2 and having a one in a trillion chance at winning a million. And I am also not talking about the lottery that is you actually getting a role in a film.

I am talking about what happens once you get the role and the film or TV episode is made.

Let me explain.

So you get put up for a leading or supporting role for a new TV series or a new film. You click with the role and you connect with the director of the said production. The auditions are successful and the job is yours. You have a great long shoot, it's paid well and your agent is happy. All is well. Right?

The question that arises on this level is will the production go anywhere and is it a project that will live up to what you expected and is written on the page.

This post is not about getting a job in a series or film from an already established director or studio, nor has huge media attention even before preproduction. I am talking about productions from a rising director with institute funding and an up and coming cast.

Now you are on the project, you have your character sorted and the scripts rolls like something from Aaron Sorkin, the director gets you and has his vision. Perfect right?

But will this job/role help your career and is it all as it lives up to be?

Personally I have had loads of leading roles in films that have never gone anywhere after production. Whether down to marketing or not being commercially viable they have never had the attention I think they should have (biased of course).

This could be down to a number of factors from lack of post production budget, the director and editor not collaborating well or even the film going up against a bigger film with a similar subject.

Of course we are not looking for fame and adoration from any production but we are (well I am) looking for that calling card that keeps me in continuous work.

So how do you know when you get the job if this is going to be your Stranger Things? How do you know if this will be your role into a household name? And how do you know if the TV series will be still running eight seasons later.

The answer is you don't. Even the Game of Thrones cast had no idea what they were in for.

So are you playing the lottery and have you got any stories about productions that never went anywhere? Let me know.


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