The Perfect Storm

Friday, 23 September 2016

James Bond uses his to explode things, apple fans use theirs to receive news updates and I like to use mine to tell the time.

Well let's be honest if I could explode things with it as well that would be awesome.

If you haven't already guessed I am talking about watches.

A watch for me is not to alert me that I have a message, my phone does that. It is also not for me to pay at Starbucks either, my cards does that. I like to have a statement watch that wonderfully tells the time when I look down at my wrist and that compliments my outfit and jewellery.

Let's all face it though if I could, this post would be called 'The Perfect Rolex' but unfortunately Mr. Barclays doesn't like me that much.

This post however, is about a company that I love. Their mens watches get better and better each year and are affordable but look like you have spent hundreds.

I am talking about Storm. 

All their watches are made in stainless steel making them durable and weighty (which I think is important as it makes more look more expensive). There are numerous designs from something a little cool to that classic watch. 

My watch honestly hasn't left me since buying it two years ago and people compliment it all the time.

Take a look at their website here and may I recommend the limited edition range. You will get that special something that won't be around forever and they have a sale right now (accurate at date of post) so don't delay.

Grab that statement watch and see how it transforms your look from casual to fashionable. And if you can find one that blows stuff up let me know because I could use that for my tax folder.


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