5 Tips To A Good Self Tape

Friday, 21 October 2016

Recently I have had a spell of self tape auditions. From small independent films to big Hollywood franchises, they all use them. And with myself living in the UK they are often sent off to the heart of La La Land. They seem to be the way the industry is moving whether we like it or not.

So here are my tips on a good self tape;

1) GOOD LIGHTING. I find my room quite dark sometimes when I have to produce the goods and on camera my face looks only half lit from my lamp in the corner of my room. However, I found if you turn your phone torch on you can light your face very well. I pop it the side (off camera obviously) that isn't lit.

2) EYE LINE. It's best to look just off camera, so have the person you are reading with sat either side of the camera and level with it. This will make sure the camera catches your eyes and your emotion behind them.

3) BOLD CHOICE. You can have the smallest role in the world to self tape but why not show them what you can do. Make a choice that stands out and shows what and how you see the role. If they like it they will call you in and direct you so push yourself in front of the camera. Make the tape interesting if the role allows too. Move around, walk into shot or grab a prop.

4) COSTUME. I don't mean full on dress as a monk or a CIA agent, but why not hint at what you could look like. You are in the comfort of your own home so wear a shirt, a leather jacket or what ever implies your character. It will help the Casting Director and Director read you better.

5) CAMERA/MIC. It is such a good idea to invest in a decent camera. The camera on your on your phone is pretty terrible in the scheme of things and I think if you have a great, clear and in focus self tape, you will stand out above others and just be more appealing to the eye. Christmas is now only around the corner so why not ask Santa for one, you won't regret it.

There are many more tips I could go into so look out for a future post. I hope this helps and I would love to hear some self tape horror stories.



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