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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

So it's currently 2:17am as I write this post and I wanted to get an early night but my brain had other ideas.

Why is it whenever ever I get into bed I feel like I want to solve an equation, write a novel or an idea for a film pops into my head.

As a creative, I'll be honest, some days I can struggle with motivation within the day. There can seem so much to do sometimes that I just end up watching 'Loose Women' (don't judge) and zoning out. But you can guarantee as soon as I get into bed I will be awake for hours.

I don't like to suppress the creativity either as I might lose it, so most nights I find myself working whether writing or editing rather than sleeping. I find it actually my most productive time as it's quiet, I can't go anywhere and there is no-one around to disturb me.

Do you get this too?

I will be tired in the morning and regret being up as usual but I keep that famous saying in my head 'hey, I'll sleep on the plane'. 

What methods do you use to switch your brain off or do you, like me, also just go with it and do what you have to do?



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