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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Now I have read a lot of Self Help books over the last few years, from the famous 'The Secret' to the 'Alchemist'. I have read 'The Power of Now' and tried my hand at 'The Magic', and I recommend them all.

One thing I have taken from these books is to be positive and to give my gratitude to every situation.

As actors we sometime may be stuck in promo jobs/part time jobs and not really getting any auditions, let alone acting work.

However, and this may seem really wanky, but I am grateful for everyday I get to spend on this spinning ball of rock, in the centre of the universe.

I like to say 'thank you' at least three times a day. I feel it helps me to be grateful for my life whatever problems may be in the back of my mind.

I say 'thank you' as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning and I awake for another day. I say 'thank you' as the lights stay red so I can cross the road and I say 'thank you' to the person working to serve me a coffee (kidding I mean a beer).

It is so important to keep positive in an industry where we are constantly rejected and fighting. Saying thank you for the life you have been given (because let's face it there are so many more worse situations going on in the world besides stressing your agent hasn't called in a while) is one way of keeping positive and living each day to the full.

I am a massive space geek (it can keep me up at night a lot) also and one thing that keeps me positive and happy is knowing what has gone on in the Billions of years before I was born to create a planet that I can live on and have to opportunity to chase my dreams. How mental is that?

So what were you thankful for today?



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