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Friday, 14 October 2016

So this week I have been really struggling to write my blog posts. Not because of lack of time or my schedule but purely down to a bit of a creative block. I have sat at my computer, written and deleted about five posts as I speak (I am hoping I get to then end of this one before hitting delete). 

This sometimes happens in other aspects of my life too. Alongside acting I am a keen filmmaker with two short films penned and ready to film and a feature just about to start pre-production. I am also mid way through a Self Help book and on chapter two of a fiction novel I want to write. Not to mention the amount of editing I have to do from various videography jobs.

To put it bluntly my days are pretty much rammed. However, sometimes I find myself sitting watching shit TV and feeling guilty about why am I not working on all the stuff I want to achieve. 

Sometimes I just can't. I hate the word 'can't' but sometimes a creative block can become so much that I get slight anxiety about it and I can't at that moment. I literally want to do everything I want to achieve now. 

So what did I do to get this post out? Well I meditated. 

A friend recently told me about an app called 'Headspace' which guides you through 10 minute meditation sessions. 

I lay on my bedroom floor and I was told to concentrate on my breathing. I was told to let my thoughts just come and not to feel guilty about if they do or don't and I was constantly led to think about how my body feels. 

I hadn't done anything like this since college and my god did I feel good after it. My head had been all over the place due to meetings, casting and writing sessions in the day and this was exactly what I needed.

How do you deal with a creative block and has meditation worked for you?



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