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Friday, 7 October 2016

So if you have been reading my post so far you will know I am a big advocate for Social Media within the creative industry.

In this day and age you need to be a pro at Social Media but you don't get taught it at school, nor is there an instruction manual.

Using it right is so important as you can connect with fans, get seen by directors and talk to writers before a production gets going. Social Media can help you find breakdowns in the independent field and also help to promote work you have done before, free of charge.

Make sure you are signed up and follow the right people. Follow those up and coming directors, follow small production companies and follow big and small casting directors.

Make sure on Twitter you have all your agent and contact details in your bio and also upload a 2 min showreel, then pin it to your feed.

Here are a few more tips when using Social Media.

#1 On Instagram, if you post with more than eleven hashtags your photo will get seen more. Remember though to use the right hashtags not weird made up ones. Look at other successful pictures and see what they have used. Also posting at peak times like 5pm (when most people start travelling) will help grow your reach.

#2 Don't be afraid to talk to people on Twitter. Share content you find interesting or crowd funds in film and don't use anymore than two hashtags on Twitter either. A great way to engage people on Twitter is to use photos, just remember to crop them so they appear slick on the news feed.

#3 Schedule your content. You should ideally have two posts on promotion, a inspirational post and shared post a day. Then if you want to generally tweet you can do around the scheduled ones. Use Tweet Deck to schedule as it's a life saver. Remember to keep your content about acting as you are your own brand. 

I hope this helps a little. Becoming great at Social Media will interest small productions that don't have a huge marketing budget.

Let me know if you have any other tips?


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Photo Credit: Nikki S. Colt

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