Monday, 31 October 2016

I am a big believer in no one knows what is around the corner. So much so that I like to implement it into every aspect of my life.

I have many weeks where I am scheduled to be free, I arrange to meet friends and chill out and then low and behold my agent will ring and I am off to Spain on a shoot.

This happens nearly every time I look ahead at my diary. I enjoy it hugely as a massive opportunity may just be a day away.

It is so important to believe that tomorrow all your dreams could come true, because they really could.

Live each day in work for your dreams and turn a blind eye to those issues you have, those bills you need to pay or the fact you have little food in your cupboard because that could all change tomorrow.

To live day by day is just the best feeling. I like to just ride with the punches and celebrate the highs. I don't dwell on the negatives at all because what a waste of time that is.

Life really can change at any moment so why not always be in belief that it is going to change for the better?

Have you got any stories where you were at rock bottom and things turned around?

Just remember you have got through every hard day you have had so far.



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