So a lot of my friends constantly ask me for documentary recommendations as they know I am a massive doc geek. 

I love to get lost in a documentary and educate myself, question things and see real stories brought to life. I feel I can escape much more in a documentary than a film as I am not looking at the acting, the direction or the bloody grading. I simply watch it for it's story and message.

So here are a list of ten documentaries I recommend that you can see now either on demand or at a cinema near you.

Bitter Lake 
Dir. Adam Curtis

A look into how Saudi Arabia had a relationship with the US and it's role it played in the Afghanistan war. 

Before The Flood
Dir. Fisher Stevens

Leonardo DiCaprio takes a look at the science and the effects of Climate Change and shows us what society can do about it. 

Life Animated
Dir. Roger Ross Williams

A story of a boy and his family overcoming great challenges by using animated Disney films to express himself.

My Scientology Movie
Dir. John Dower

Louis Theroux takes a look behind the church of Scientology.

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World
Dir. Werner Herzog

A look into the internet and the past, present and future of the connected world.

Where To Invade Next
Dir. Michael Moore

Michael Moore looks at what the USA can learn from other nations across the world.

Audrie and Daisy
Dir. Bonnie Cohen & Jon Shenk

What effects does online bullying have for teenagers lives and their communities?

Chasing Asylum
Dir. Eva Orner

A look at Australia's inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

Dir. Ava DuVernay

How does the prison system in the US reveal the nation's history of racial inequality?

Dir. David Farrier & Dylan Reeve

Journalist David Farrier gets to the bottom of the mysterious tickling competition online.

And let's not stop there. Why not binge these on Netflix.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, The Imposter, Food Matters, Amanda Knox, The Wolfpack, Welcome to Leith, Cowspiracy, Blackfish, Winter On Fire, Living on a Dollar, An Inconvenient Truth, GMO OMG. Tyke Elephant Outlaw, The Hunting Ground, The Square, Cartel Land, The Look of Silence and Fed Up

Hope you enjoy some or all of these. I would love to know if you have any other recommendations.


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Ten Documentaries To Watch Now

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Now this post comes to you from being written at 5am on Sunday morning. And I tell you this because I want to be honest about what this post is about completely.

Over the past two days I have felt a bit down about things. I can't pin point what I have been down about exactly and don't really have anything I should be depressed about, but yet that feeling was there. Those who know me know that I can shrug off negative thoughts quickly but yet this weekend they seemed to linger.

I was starting to question everything. Why was I not feeling happy at that moment? Why do I do this to myself? What does today hold? What does the future hold? How am I going to get everything I want done? 

And then it happened again, like to has happened before. Suicidal thoughts. 

Now let me tell you here that I don't believe I ever would act upon these thoughts but yet they are intrusive and invasive and happen. 

I was literally questioning that there must be more to all this. Struggling with the thought of humanity. Why are we here? Why do we destroy each other? Does life really matter?

Now I haven't slept well the past few nights, due to having a lot on, so this could be down to tiredness. But I wanted to share this as I may not be the only one that has this and I feel we should be talking about it.

I managed to keep a smile on my face throughout, which I found helped (even forced) and I kept reminding myself of all the good things in life which kept me grounded whilst my brain was wandering. 

One thing I don't like to use however, is distraction as I feel you are just suppressing the thoughts and not dealing with the cause. Telling yourself you are ok having these thoughts, but wow what a future you have to look forward to is a great way to help. Remind yourself that the future is unwritten and whatever struggles you have now you won't have forever. But don't hide. It's ok.

Here is an article about another actor Devon Murray and his struggles (which are very different than mine, but I believe this is not all simple and the more shared the more people are aware of the help out there).

Too many performers punish themselves day in day out with negativity and depression. Let's end this. Let's talk about it.

For facts and help about depression click here.

Do you ever suffer from suicidal thoughts? What are your coping mechanisms? 


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The Mental Taboo

Monday, 28 November 2016

As you know I am a keen writer, but what you don't know is that I don't like to write at home. (Interesting fact I know).

But at home I have many distractions, whether it's my TV, having to clean or Lego Dimensions so I tend to go out to write and here are my two favourite places to do so.

Picturehouse Central - Members Bar

With a glorious view down Piccadilly and Haymarket, the Members bar is the perfect location to write and work with a bit of exclusivity. A membership to access the bar with roof terrace as well is £75 for the year, but you do get four free cinema tickets on top and if you save them for exclusive events you can make your money back quickly.

The atmosphere in this bar is light and quiet, a perfect place to work with film inspiration everywhere. I tend to write with a beer (it loosens up the brain) and here it's a reasonable £4.32 for a pint of Estrella due to a 10% discount with membership.

BFI - Benugo Bar & Kitchen

Round the back of the BFI Southbank and through the string curtains is the dimly lit, jazz scored Benugo Bar. Here you will notice everyone is on a Macbook typing away and the atmosphere is very creative. The jazz music helps you relax and the dim lights help you focus. A BFI membership will get you 10% off soft drinks at the bar, but note that if you order from your seat there is a service charge on top of your order.

A beer of Heineken here will set you back £4.80 here as there is no discount on alcohol. A BFI membership however, does get you early access to the London Film Festival and money off in the shop. So at £45 for the year it's well worth it for film fans.

Both BFI and Picturehouse memberships make great unique christmas presents for the creative friend, family or partner. Click on the images below to buy yours now.

I am currently writing my way through a play, a feature film, a self help book and a new fantasy trilogy and enjoy both these places very much. 

If you see me around don't forget to say hi.

Until next week.


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A Writers Story

Friday, 25 November 2016

Having missed the London Film Festival Premiere of Arrival, the other day I decided to head to the cinema to watch the film starring Any Adams and Jeremy Renner. The film is about a linguist who is hired by the military to assist in translating alien communications, but this is not a review.

What sprung to mind whilst watching was the film was the future. I am not talking about future technology or clones and spaceships, I am talking about how do you know what the future actually holds?

Yes, the short answer of this question is we don't, but I think it's much deeper than that. As actors we can be regularly be auditioning for jobs that could massively alter the way your road hurdles into the future. Some of these roles are massive and some of these roles are lucrative.

I am currently in this position right now. I am inches away from a very lucrative job that would open up many more possibilities and opportunities. My immediate future is decided by a yes or a no in the next few days and this could be the crossroad I look back on and go that's the job that changed it all.

It's hard to look to the future as actors as our world is so uncertain, so I am looking at life daily now. What can I do today that could also be that crossroad in my dreams, that next rung on the ladder. We put too much pressure on ourselves when we look to the future so let's arrive in the present, the now.

The now is ultimately all we have.

Is there a job that changed your path? Let us know.


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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

There are many causes that people are fighting for right now and I love to support movers and creators within the industry. It's a tough old business this acting game, so we all need to rally round and support each other.

One of those people we need to be supporting right now is Lysanne Overbeek. Actor and director (plus around kind hearted person) Lysanne has created a theatre production in aid of The Cure Parkinson's Trust.

Now I don't know much about Parkinsons, nor has it ever affected my life. However, one in every 500 people suffer with it and Lysanne's mother is no different.

As you know I am a big believer in using our platform as actors and creatives to help and raise awareness. So let's all get behind this cause and help raise the money to fund the research to support so many people.

Lysine's show is running at St John's Church in Waterloo on the 24th November at 7:30pm. Tickets are £12.50 and rather than getting an actual ticket, your money goes straight to the trust.

To attend all you have to do is donate £12.50 to this Just Giving page and then pop along for an evening of excellent theatre pieces, all in the name of The Cure.

Obviously you can donate more money, and if you can't attend even the littlest amount can help those in need.

I am a massive fan of these charities as when my mum was diagnosed with cancer, MacMillan were there for her and helped her through emotional and financially support.

I hope to see you there as I will be donating my time to take some photos. See you at the bar.

Here is the link again and let's support this wonderful cause.


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Monday, 21 November 2016

Lack of auditions, empty bank account, bills bills bills and being stuck in a none creative job are all reasons why we get down as actors.

Staying positive can be one of the hardest things to do within our industry and general life these days. However, it is the most important thing to do day in and day out.

We all have those friends that are negative, that constantly complain or always talk about others. We all have moments when we have misfortunes and upsets. And we all have issues to deal with outside of our acting careers.

But what you may of noticed is that 'we all' have them. There is no one that doesn't struggle on this journey called life. it is a complete roller coaster. But you know what roller coasters are fun. The highs, the lows, they all make you who you are.

One thing I have learnt in my short time I have been living is that time is very short and it is ticking away quicker and quicker the older I get. So I made a promise to myself that I am not going to be negative, I am going to do everything in my will to do what I want and that nothing, no situation bad or good, is forever so I am going to enjoy the process.

What does life actually mean within the scheme of things? Well the truth is it doesn't mean anything, but your journey sure does. 

Staying positive is easy, all I think about is that I am so lucky to be alive and kicking on this spinning ball of rock we call earth, within an infinite universe and the only intelligent life force that we know. How lucky and cool is that. Even if I can't pay that bill for a while, it doesn't get me down it will be sorted eventually. When I have to do promo to earn rent, I know that shift will end soon and I can do what I want again.

Life is about the journey you have, the way you enjoy it and the relationships you make.

Open your eyes to the good in the world right now actors. Smile, breathe and get on creating.

Have a great weekend.


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Friday, 18 November 2016


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I have many actor friends who not only have trained in acting but have studied Geology or Medicine as well and a few years ago I wondered why they did this. But now I completely understand.

Neither of them want a profession in those retrospective careers. Only studying them as they had a huge thirst for knowledge.

Seeing them study and learn something apart from acting has made me want to study again too. And if I was going to I would love to learn Quantum Physics.

I am fascinated about space, time and molecules, often watching documentary after documentary on them.

Now this is no way to distract me from acting and I also don't want to be a scientist but I feel as actors we all have a thirst for knowledge already. We study characters, scenarios, methods and techniques daily and I love to study people as I sit and have my morning coffee. 

Actors adapt and grow all the time from history to the future so why not learn a different skill that could implement your growth.

Now Quantum Physics may not assist my acting in anyway but it might my filmmaking and story telling.

Might be a while until I actually look into it seriously as lack of funds at the minute but never say never.

Is there anything you would like to study along side your acting career?


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Science Boy

Monday, 14 November 2016

I have been vegetarian for over a month now and I wanted to share wth you how I have found the switch and the reasons I went meat free.

Firstly before I decided I wanted to be vegetarian I had already switched a lot of my meat products to Quorn ones. They are not just packed with more protein than meat but are also a lot tastier. You also get more for your money and they are cheaper. But I am not trying to sell here.

What made me go vegetarian is that I am a bit of a big environmentalist and having done a tone of research into how farming is devastating land and pushing forward climate change much more than fossil fuels, I decided it is my duty as a human to rectify this.

Now I am still a believer that humans are meant to eat meat, but at the level we are today, it is not sustainable or even good for you. I used to wake up and have bacon and eggs, some chicken dish for lunch and beef or lamb based meals for dinner everyday. Yes everyday. 

I initially went of chicken quite quickly as I never enjoyed cutting a breast up and seeing all the tendons. It can also be the dirtiest of meats, as I feel it's generally produced very cheaply and not that nice. I then found out the amount of chemicals that are pumped into pork products to make them safe to eat and this didn't sit well with me. Then finally I found out how much land was used to produced beef, how much water goes into a burger and how much cows are accelerating Climate Change.

All this made me decide to go Vegetarian and do my bit for the planet. It took me a while to get over the fact I would eat Chorizo again (my favourite).

But I can't express to you enough how easy it is and much more enjoyable it is. There are so many meal options.  I had to do a bit of research into meals at first but after you have found a few you love you are set. You can also keep your favourite meals but swap the meat for Quorn or a bean based product.

There are many many restaurants that cater to vegetarians to like GBK which you can eat anything swapping beef to bean and Dishoom, a Bombay cuisine, to name a few.

If you are out and about there is a Veggie Pret in Soho or the veggie sushi from Itsu is amazing. The options are endless and I even had a roast dinner the other day with Quorn, which I think is my favourite new product.

I have way more energy now, shred fat quicker and actually enjoy eating again (which if you have read my previous posts is something).

I know you may think this is all very preachy and I am not telling you to be vegetarian (it's your life after all). All I am saying is to look at the amount of meat you consume because if we all cut down we can gain some of this beautiful land and forests back and turn the worlds thermostat down a little.

Try doing Meat Mondays and only eating meat on a Monday rather than Meat Free Monday. 

I don't think I could go vegan as I love cheese too much and I feel I get a lot of nutrients from milk. But never say never.

I hope this opens your eyes a little bit but if you want more information check this website out.

What are your meat free stories?


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A Vegetarian Story

Friday, 11 November 2016

Trump Card

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Before The End

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A Bite Of The Apple

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

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