A Bite Of The Apple

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

I wanted to continue talking about never knowing what is going to happen next and I feel this story highlights exactly that.

About two years ago I was called by my agent one morning, just as I had awoken up. He randomly wanted pictures of my hands for a possible casting later that day.

I took the photos of my hands on my phone and sent them off. Shortly after, I received an audition for that afternoon and was told to look after my hands.

I had no idea what the hell was going on, but in true performer style just went with the flow.

Heading to the audition I tapped the postcode in my phone and followed the map. Eventually, I got to the pin and looked around. No casting room in sight. If I remember correctly it was for number 10 and the street, round the back of oxford street, only went to number 9. I looked and I looked but no luck.

Not knowing where the casting was I decided to ring my agent, who had subsequently gone to a meeting and was unavailable. 

As I kept looking, 30 minutes passed and I decided it would probably be best to go home as I was now late. Walking back down towards the tube my agent rang and asked if all was ok with the audition. I told him what happened and he looked into it and rang the casting director.

Being given the correct details and number, I headed back to the casting and into the studio. The director greeted me and I was told to hold a rectangle block at camera and pretend to use it as a phone. There was a lot of murmuring after my 'performance' and I was taken to a small office at the side of the studio. 

Here I was measured, photographed and offered the job on the spot. I couldn't believe it, though I didn't know what it was for still. It had an awesome code name: Project Squid

I rang my agent after and told him the good news. 

Anyway, as the shoot came around I found out I was to be the hand model for the most popular phone brand in the world (legally can't tell you the name but you probably have one). I modelled their latest phone and received a hefty pay packet and couldn't believe that it had all quite happened.

Now that job was not life changing or career advancing but it did teach me that literally anything can happen. Try to wake up everyday as if you are going to take a bite of the apple (see what I did there).

What random stories have you got?


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