A Vegetarian Story

Friday, 11 November 2016

I have been vegetarian for over a month now and I wanted to share wth you how I have found the switch and the reasons I went meat free.

Firstly before I decided I wanted to be vegetarian I had already switched a lot of my meat products to Quorn ones. They are not just packed with more protein than meat but are also a lot tastier. You also get more for your money and they are cheaper. But I am not trying to sell here.

What made me go vegetarian is that I am a bit of a big environmentalist and having done a tone of research into how farming is devastating land and pushing forward climate change much more than fossil fuels, I decided it is my duty as a human to rectify this.

Now I am still a believer that humans are meant to eat meat, but at the level we are today, it is not sustainable or even good for you. I used to wake up and have bacon and eggs, some chicken dish for lunch and beef or lamb based meals for dinner everyday. Yes everyday. 

I initially went of chicken quite quickly as I never enjoyed cutting a breast up and seeing all the tendons. It can also be the dirtiest of meats, as I feel it's generally produced very cheaply and not that nice. I then found out the amount of chemicals that are pumped into pork products to make them safe to eat and this didn't sit well with me. Then finally I found out how much land was used to produced beef, how much water goes into a burger and how much cows are accelerating Climate Change.

All this made me decide to go Vegetarian and do my bit for the planet. It took me a while to get over the fact I would eat Chorizo again (my favourite).

But I can't express to you enough how easy it is and much more enjoyable it is. There are so many meal options.  I had to do a bit of research into meals at first but after you have found a few you love you are set. You can also keep your favourite meals but swap the meat for Quorn or a bean based product.

There are many many restaurants that cater to vegetarians to like GBK which you can eat anything swapping beef to bean and Dishoom, a Bombay cuisine, to name a few.

If you are out and about there is a Veggie Pret in Soho or the veggie sushi from Itsu is amazing. The options are endless and I even had a roast dinner the other day with Quorn, which I think is my favourite new product.

I have way more energy now, shred fat quicker and actually enjoy eating again (which if you have read my previous posts is something).

I know you may think this is all very preachy and I am not telling you to be vegetarian (it's your life after all). All I am saying is to look at the amount of meat you consume because if we all cut down we can gain some of this beautiful land and forests back and turn the worlds thermostat down a little.

Try doing Meat Mondays and only eating meat on a Monday rather than Meat Free Monday. 

I don't think I could go vegan as I love cheese too much and I feel I get a lot of nutrients from milk. But never say never.

I hope this opens your eyes a little bit but if you want more information check this website out.

What are your meat free stories?


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