Friday, 4 November 2016

Half of all the actors on Equity earn less than £5,000 a year in their professional career.

This is the how the industry is now. Most of us work for day rates on films with the profits going to the studios and executives rathe than the creatives. So what can we do to stay on top of those bills but still be available, at the drop of a hat, to go on a job.

We need to be entrepreneurs. 

It is so important to have something you can build around your acting career that can assist you on a rainy day and also keep you sane between jobs. 

I know actors with mobile coffee shops and dog walking businesses. But for me I started up a production company. 

Starting a business can be scary. I learnt how to pirouette and cry on cue not business jargon and corporate crap. 

None the less, I decided I wanted to have my own company that would;

1) Pull in money
2) Let me explore ideas creatively 
3) Help others 

I am not a believer of having a 'Plan B' because it shouldn't distract you from 'Plan A' but I do believe that if you can start your own business that can assist you in acting, then why not. It's better to be building your own dream than working for someone else's. Let's also face it, most of Hollywood these days own a production company and produce on top of acting.

I am currently in the process of my new all singing, all dancing production website and opening my business account for Chipped Productions. To follow my journey follow us on Twitter @chippedfilms.

Share your business and what you are doing below and let's all support each other on the journey up.


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