Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Having missed the London Film Festival Premiere of Arrival, the other day I decided to head to the cinema to watch the film starring Any Adams and Jeremy Renner. The film is about a linguist who is hired by the military to assist in translating alien communications, but this is not a review.

What sprung to mind whilst watching was the film was the future. I am not talking about future technology or clones and spaceships, I am talking about how do you know what the future actually holds?

Yes, the short answer of this question is we don't, but I think it's much deeper than that. As actors we can be regularly be auditioning for jobs that could massively alter the way your road hurdles into the future. Some of these roles are massive and some of these roles are lucrative.

I am currently in this position right now. I am inches away from a very lucrative job that would open up many more possibilities and opportunities. My immediate future is decided by a yes or a no in the next few days and this could be the crossroad I look back on and go that's the job that changed it all.

It's hard to look to the future as actors as our world is so uncertain, so I am looking at life daily now. What can I do today that could also be that crossroad in my dreams, that next rung on the ladder. We put too much pressure on ourselves when we look to the future so let's arrive in the present, the now.

The now is ultimately all we have.

Is there a job that changed your path? Let us know.


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