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Sunday, 6 November 2016

I think as actors, performers and filmmakers we are very lucky to have the eyes of the world on our industry. But it's this advantage that we need to use to highlight problems in the world and make others aware of issues within it.

I truly believe every actor should be associated with a charity and humanitarian issues, not just at the top level but spread across it. 

Famously Leonardo DiCaprio uses his position as a well known actor to highlight Climate Change and I believe we should all be fighting for a cause.

A friend, who is also a journalist, posted the other day that many American actors on the red carpet would not say anything political. I do believe this is wrong. 

If these actors don't want the world knowing their political view then fair enough, but at least speak out to get people to vote. 

This week on 'Life of an Actor' is all going to be about one cause as if it can educate or open the eyes of one person then maybe they will do the same to someone else.

For me the biggest issue in the world right now is Climate Change and before I continue I urge you to watch 'Before The Flood' by Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio, which is free to watch until midnight on Tuesday 8th (deadline was extended). Watch it here.

If you are American and reading this post, then again I urge you to watch this documentary before you vote on Tuesday as well.

Anyway, let me know what issues and causes you are raising awareness of and follow me this week for more information.


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