Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Many people, including myself have a real battle everyday. I'm not talking anxiety or depression, I am talking about the fear of success.

This may sound ridiculous to those of you who may have never felt it, but it can be a real barrier to get through.

So what is it? Well for me it was the fear of getting to where I want to in life and then not knowing if I was going to be happy or if it would be what I wanted. It was also the feeling of getting everything I wanted and then not knowing what the hell to do next in life.

It has stopped me taking opportunities before, stopped me trying something new or a new approach and even stopped me going to an audition.

It is damaging, it is annoying and it is something you can over come.

You see life actually has no plan for you and what you do day in day out is the measure of your success. Nothing lasts forever and time is always against us. Each opportunity presented in life is not there as a test but as a way for you to adapt and learn.

The future is not written so why be scared of it. Today is ticking away and if you feel you want to try something or think you might fail, give it a go anyway because you never know what will happen and the world won't stop spinning any time soon because of it.

Every time in my life I have completed something I was putting off because I didn't know what to do after, I have found numerous things have been attracted into my life and I have been busier and happier than ever. This is continuing day in and day out.

Even this blog was meant to be started ages ago but I didn't know if people would like it, nor what I would do if I failed. But low and behold you are reading it (even if it is just you).

So let's ban the fear of success and let's promote success because of fear. Fear that you don't want to of left this planet doing what you wanted to do.

Until Friday.


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