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Monday, 14 November 2016

I have many actor friends who not only have trained in acting but have studied Geology or Medicine as well and a few years ago I wondered why they did this. But now I completely understand.

Neither of them want a profession in those retrospective careers. Only studying them as they had a huge thirst for knowledge.

Seeing them study and learn something apart from acting has made me want to study again too. And if I was going to I would love to learn Quantum Physics.

I am fascinated about space, time and molecules, often watching documentary after documentary on them.

Now this is no way to distract me from acting and I also don't want to be a scientist but I feel as actors we all have a thirst for knowledge already. We study characters, scenarios, methods and techniques daily and I love to study people as I sit and have my morning coffee. 

Actors adapt and grow all the time from history to the future so why not learn a different skill that could implement your growth.

Now Quantum Physics may not assist my acting in anyway but it might my filmmaking and story telling.

Might be a while until I actually look into it seriously as lack of funds at the minute but never say never.

Is there anything you would like to study along side your acting career?


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