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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

So confident last night I wrote a post about Hilary Clinton winning The White House. But as wrong as I was with Brexit, America is now to have President Trump.

Here is what I wrote.

'So Americans have voted and in my opinion have done the correct thing by voting Hilary Clinton the next President. 

As general public it can be a struggle to get across what you believe in. You may not have a platform to share what you have learnt or believe in. But as actors and filmmakers we definitely do.

For me Climate Change is the biggest threat to us as we speak and here is why (in the quickest way I can).

  • Sea levels are rising and flooding will not only destroy homes and land but lead to mass migration.
  • Draughts and the fight for oil leads to wars and millions of people being killed.
I was actually going to write a few more points but then decided if you don't think that those are issues then you should probably get help.

This earth was not put here for us to destroy and we are not the only beings to walk on it either. We have a duty to care for the animals. We have a duty to not cut down the lungs of the earth and we have a duty to make sure are beautiful landscapes are kept their for future generations to see.

Imagine having to tell your children tales about the ice caps and jungles, only seeing them in films and books.

Thank you to America for voting on a President that believes in Climate Change as this is the only way to start the ball rolling towards slowing the damage. Hopefully the UK and the USA can be role models to the rest of the world in less animal agriculture and more renewable fuels. But whilst they deliberate in their offices on their policies (why this isn't urgent I'll never know) I will continue to make films highlighting this fight (more to come on these projects) and speak out as an actor.'

I share this still because America now has a President that doesn't believe in Climate Change even though you can go see it yourself and that the science is there. May I just add as well that Donald Trump Jr. is a wildlife hunter, having even shot Elephants in there natural homes. And this is the man that wants to be in charge of the US National Parks.

This family is devastating to the progression of repairing our damage and by the time the next election comes round it may all be too late (yes that soon).

With all what is going on in the world this is our time to stand up and be the role models that our leaders are not. Use your platform as an actor to speak out for Climate Change, use it to speak out against Racism and Homophobia. Speak out with our Trump Card and unite to get this world back on track.

What causes are you fighting for?


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