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Friday, 16 December 2016

So as the last Acting Up of the year approaches, I thought I would tell you the journey myself and Vicky have had to get to this moment and what Acting Up is.

So firstly I met Vicky Alcock (she was Julie Saunders in the brilliant Bad Girls, to name just one of her hundreds of credits) as a teaching assistant for PQA in Sidcup a fair few years ago. She taught the Film and TV module within the academy and this is where she taught me everything I know teaching regards. 

Both myself and Vicky got on so well that we have had many a drunken nights (or should I say days) together and when she came up with Acting Up, I was on board straight away.

So what is Acting Up?

Well we both realised that there is not much (or any really) training in acting for camera and having both come from drama schools, where stage acting is prominent, and learning what we know on set. We decided to share our skills with other actors and start up straight acting for camera classes.

The class is open to professional actors either in or outside of training and classes are full of script work, camera techniques and technical aspects. Basically everything you need to know to be a great actor on screen.

Acting for screen is very different than stage. In my opinion, it is far more truthful than stage acting because the camera sees everything. 

Currently the students have embarked on a few short films that are now completed (look out on Facebook for their work) and will be meeting agents and casting directors, as well as a stunt master class in the new year.

I write this post not just to advertise my friends business but also just to highlight people who are helping other actors and how friendly this industry can actually be.

If you would like to be a part of the Acting Up company and become a student, then send Vicky your CV and a message at and she will be happy to chat to you and book you in (spaces are limited).

Join us in the New Year upstairs at The Union Theatre (Southwark, London) every Thursday from 7pm - 9pm* where agents from Simon & How, Sheila Simmonds, Alicya Eyo and casting director Rebecca Wright will also be popping in.

*class is £18 a week, paid for a full months commitment upfront in advance. 

I can't recommend the class enough and even though my company 'Chipped Productions' runs the production side of it, I wish as an actor that I had the opportunity to attend a class like this.

Thanks for reading and see you next week for my final week of posts in 2016.


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