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Monday, 5 December 2016

There are two cities for me that a film actor should either live in, Los Angeles or London. Apart from that I don't really understand living anywhere else as an actor. Yes both are very expensive and also if you have your name made then by all means move somewhere more secluded but until then they are the place to be. These are the cities where most auditions happen and most networking opportunities are. 

I made add here that please speak up if you disagree as would love to know what other opportunities or advantages any actors may have that don't live in London.

So I have said it once already but London really is expensive, I get that. But I thought I would share with you how I have called this city my home for the past 10 years. 

Initially when I was at college and for 2 years after, I worked front of house at The Palladium, Adelphi Theatre and The Trafalgar Studios. Now this job is great for having time to audition in the day, easy to get time off for jobs and a great place to meet fellow performers. Theatres are regularly looking for ushers so get your CV off to a few of them. Plus you get to see a few shows. The only downside is it eats away at social hours for non performing friends.

After leaving the theatre world I started working for The O2 Arena. This was a great way to earn money but not work everyday. I worked on the merchandise stand and obviously only worked when gigs were on. I could pick and choose the days I wanted in advance and also they were very kind with last minute cancellations due to castings or filming. A great company to work for just a little cold in the winter as it is just a big tent really.

A job I also did and still do is teaching kids drama and screen acting on a weekend. At first I just assisted Vicky Alcock teaching Film and TV for PQA Chislehurst and Sidcup, but now I teach there with my own assistants are regularly cover for Vicky in other schools. Teaching work is a great way to earn a ton of money in only 4 days a month. It can be great fun and also means you are helping impart the knowledge you have learnt to kids with a similar dream. Filming never really happens on  a weekend so I find it very useful to keep that money coming in.

Nowadays between acting, teaching, production company work and modelling I manage to make my way in this big city. It has been a slog to get here and I am not settled where I am in life but happy to be growing. 

Many of the jobs I have done I thought I would never get out of but taking the jump every now and then has eventually worked out and pushed me to strive further.

How do you find living in London as an actor? Are you an actor from outside of London and have a story? Let us know and have a great start to the week.


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