Can I Have A Pepsi Please?

Friday, 2 December 2016

No prizes what this post is about and let's appreciate my cryptic title, NOT!

Firstly let me just apologies but massive rant coming up. I will try not to sound too negative but this just has to be said.

Recently I have been waiting to hear on a pretty big job. Not a film or a TV show but a commercial. Now you may say 'oh well it's only a commercial move on', but it was pretty high profile and the money was big too. 

After having my first audition back in the early part of October, I was successful and got down to the last 4 people. My last ever casting lasted 4 hours in which I was given 10 minutes in the actual casting room, but yet the directors wanted more pictures and more info every time I went to see them. The production dates were moved constantly and the whole thing was a real shambles, yet I was still pencil for the job and my agent even had the contract to look over. It all looked in my favour.

Now I write this, sat in my flat only just having found that I have not got the job. I will be honest with you that I kinda knew it as earlier in the day I noticed a Agent post a congratulations to one of their clients on social media and the look of the actor just worked with what I knew the breakdown was. 

I will brush myself off as an actor and get back in the game, that's not a problem. What doesn't sit well with me is just the way it was all handled and I have heard many similar stories. 

From a production side I get that branding is everything and there would of been so many people involved in making the decision that it takes time. But how hard is being transparent and letting people know what is going on. I am in no way blaming the Casting Director here, they were friendly kept saying they didn't know either.

It's just not cool when you are ask to keep a whole week free and right up to the line not told. I may add here that if my agent didn't ring earlier on I would have actually just been left pondering. 

How is it acceptable to leave people in limbo like this? How is it in this industry that you are only told if you get the job and the actor seems to be the last person to find anything out. Let's remember that without the actor the production doesn't go ahead.

Eurgh, this industry can grate on you sometimes. Thank you to my brilliant agent throughout this, your support means the world.

As I turn my frown upside down, have you any casting woe stories? 

Rant over now I need a drink. Let's move forward to a very positive week next week. Have a great weekend y'all.


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  1. Very well put! I'm sure everyone has a story relating to this and I 100% agree. I know everyone involved in making these decisions are just doing their jobs but so are we and if the tables were turned and we waited that long to accept a role we would be simply put to the bottom of the pile and the part handed to someone else. Being taken for granted is an occupational hazard as an actor and I don't see that changing. Onwards and upwards J. Let's have a beverage soon. F X

  2. Keep Calm and Drink Champagne!
    I'm pretty sure now that CD has a special place for you in his heart and you'll have other amazing chances. :)


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