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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Over the last weekend I sat down with one of my friends in a pub and had a beer to put the world to rights. It was after a long day of teaching kids so was very much needed.

What we ended up discussing though I really wanted to share as I think it is so important to actors. 

We decided that there were two types of performers, those who happily just take on any job and those who are decisive and like to have creative control.

Neither of these are a bad thing but I personally believe that the latter is a better attribute.

We came onto the conversation because we are both working actors but also have a keen interest in directing and writing and let's face it they all work hand in hand. Personally I don't want to just be an actor who goes around taking this Panto and that TIE job, I want to express stories and creativity in my own way.

Yes, granted there are jobs I have done that have been somewhat just for the money, but I think saying no once in a while is stronger, gains you more respect and money isn't everything.

I am a big believer in the fact the performance industry should ask questions and shine a light on humanity and if you aren't doing that within your career you should ask yourself why not.

Eventually we came to the conclusion that a creative actor is a better actor through and through and that we should all try to express ourselves with our own work as well as the jobs we have to do. We all have stories, views and options remember.

For me I would love to leave this planet saying 'hey that's what I have left behind in film and I hope it helps'.

Are you a creative actor? Got a project you want to share then get in touch.


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