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Friday, 9 December 2016

I haven't done a men's fashion post in a while so it being Fashion Friday I thought I would talk about three of my favourite brands right now. I have split them into The Everyday, The Something Special and The Sporty Type;

The Everyday - ZARA

I cannot sing praises enough for this brand and it makes up about 90% of my wardrobe. The clothes at Zara are the same price to most hughstreet stores so are very affordable, but come with many more options in design and are of a better quality in my opinoin. They have a great love for black clothing too at Zara and are currently promoting the rocker and biker look which are two of my favourite looks. Here are three items I am currently in love with. And I really want to model for this company. 

The Special Something - Joshua Kane

Perfect for the party or the red carpet, Joshua Kane is fine tailoring done at it's best. His clothes are awe-inspiring, unique and I think you will agree, damn right beautiful. The guy himself is a total good egg and his style is eccentric and totally awesome. He currently has a store in Spitalfields but is opening another in Regent's Street very soon (#FindJK). Check out his website and his range in store (including some sexy leather jackets) as this is a name you will hear over and over again. 

Here are three examples of his work and I think you will agree that they are just beautiful. Perfect for that special occasion.

The Sporty Type - Adidas

Sports fashion doesn't have to be just matching tracksuits and is unlike it was back in the early 2000's. One company making huge waves in sports fashion is Adidas and done right can become a really unique, comfortable and great looking outfit. I think the trick with sports fashion is to mix it up. Mix Adidas with Zara and you can't go wrong. Here are three pieces I am loving right now.

So that's it. I love each of these brands and this is not a sponsored post so it's genuine love (although I would be happy to represent each three of them). What are your three favourite men's brands or do you agree with me.

Have a great week y'all.


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