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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Today in Hollywood voting opens to decide the Nominations of the 2017 Academy Awards. And with the Golden Globes this Sunday (8th), the BAFTA's on 12th of February and the Academy Awards on the 26th of February I wondered what makes you chase after success.

Are these awards the pinnacle of an actors career? Is this what we are all striving for?

Well the answer to that totally comes down to the individual. But for me, yes and no. Don't kid me wrong but these awards give me huge inspiration and drive to perfect my craft, to push further and to go after the dream. And I would in no way turn one down. I in fact, sit every year into the small hours watching the red carpets and awards being handed out, shouting my opinion at the screen and saying I'll be there one day. But the industry is so much more than this to me.

There are so many actors who work consistently and professionally that are never recognised by The Academy. So why do we strive to have our name written inside a golden envelope? Is this success?

For me success would come in the form of three things. In no order:

1. Financial Freedom (I may be in the wrong career here, but then again life can change in the blink of an eye in the acting profession).

2. Being in Constant Creative Work (Acting, Directing and Writing telling stories and messages that need to be told and inspire and educate).

3. To be able to Give Back to my family (and have my own family I can say you can do anything to).

A few years ago I once sat and watched The Oscars with my then housemate and had a nervous breakdown, started crying and had a major anxiety attack because I was so scared I would never achieve my dream. Now not only did this make me realise how much I want it but also how inspiration other actors can be to you (just don't get to that level it's not healthy).

I think we all give ourselves too much pressure to be acclaimed and awarded in this industry and that if we just learn to just support others and expand in growth then maybe we can be successful in our own way.

I'm not chasing the Oscar, I am letting it find me.

Are you striving for an award or are your successes different like mine?

Don't forget to support other actors and creatives and you can also watch the Academy Award Nominations Announcement here on the 24th of January.

To watch the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday head to


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