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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

This morning I opened my laptop again for the New Year, after signing off for a much needed break since the 23rd of December. Like most people, I decided to actually take a break and enjoy the Christmas holidays. It's very rare I get the opportunity to do so and believe my my to do list is massive but I still needed to switch off.

But now we roll on, 2017 is here. 

As you know from my last post I am not a fan of resolutions, but people have asked me if I have anything I want to achieve in 2017 and I have made one goal and promise with myself for this year, just one.

It is simply to better myself than last year.

Now you may say this sounds like a huge cop-out but I believe that's all we can do as goal chasers and artists. I strive every single day for my dream, so saying I am going to work harder can't happen, and I am truly happy with my life at the moment so can't do anything there either. But, if I can have more of what I have now, then I would be even more grateful.

Don't kid me wrong, there are a few other things I want to achieve this year, such as a better body and getting contact lenses (which I try every year) but these are aesthetics, not goals or ambitions.

Personally I had a great 2016 (some would say well done for surviving) and to just better myself in 2017 is all I can strive for this year.

So moving forward, there are some exciting things about to happen on 'Life of an Actor', with a new Youtube channel coming and actor interviews on their way. My break has been lovely but I have also been itching to get back.

I will add that posts will now be on a Tuesday and Thursday as over the next few months I am on a few films so my time is limited, but this will also give me more time to get better precise and helpful posts out. 

Remember there are 365 days a year and each one of them is a start to make something new of yourselves not just New Years.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Years and as Casting Directors and Studios start up again, what are your goals for 2017 and what would you like to see on here this year?

Glad to be back, here's to a very successful 2017 to us all.


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