The Big Smoke

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

So neither of my parents will be happy with this post, but I wanted to share with you my smoking story, in hope that anyone wanting to kick the habit may find it useful (note the picture of me hanging my head in shame).

Sorry Mum, I started smoking back when I was at The BRIT School, not heavily, but on and off. I then went to Bird College and I completely quit (apart from the occasional party). I was off the cigarettes from college until I was 26.

Now don't ask me why I suddenly started again, I am not really sure. I do feel however, in the film industry it is very hard to escape. There is so much down time on set it can give you something to do. Smoking can also give you a break (I was going to write get some fresh air here but that would be stupid) that you might otherwise not get and I also find it is very useful to network with because it can give you time to get to know a director or producer at a party as you shiver outside puffing away.

But with all the positives it may have lifestyle wise, you cannot say the same for health, but you know that.

I carried on smoking right up until about 4 months ago now. It gradually went from one or two a day to spending £20 - £30 a week. Mental. My poor bank account.

Now last year I tried to quit a number of times and never succeeded. I even tried vaping but the damn thing was always in my mouth and I kept having nicotine overdoses. The idea of sucking a battery also never really sat well with me either.

Trying to quit made me realise I was hooked and becoming a slave to smoking, so I decided to 'stop'.

Now, I use a different word here rather than 'quit', because I haven't 'quit', I have 'stopped'.

To you reading, it may not seem relevant but changing the terminology in my head massively helped me kick the habit. I told myself 'hey if you want a cigarette you are allowed one, don't punish yourself, but then stop again'. So that's exactly what I did and surprising I completely managed to kick it.

I did have one cigarette a month or so in (I was offered one on a night out) and I absolutely hated it. The taste, the smell, the head rush, it all made me realise how disgusting it is and how I didn't need to smoke.

Now I am not saying I have completely quit because hey, if I have a stressful day, want one at a party or even buy a packet for set purposes I will allow myself. But by stopping, I have gained control of it.

If you are struggling to quit, maybe trying stopping.

Are you a smoker or have you kicked the habit? Let me know and comment below.

See you Thursday.


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