Thursday, 19 January 2017

After #showreelshareday on Twitter, I had a scroll through some excellent and great showreels. Now this post is not about how to better your showreel, but rather what I noticed is how little attention actors make with their Twitter profiles.

Ok yes, we all use Twitter to chat random opinions and let the world know if we have worked out. But it is also very useful within the acting community as a way to network with up and coming directors and producers. These are the people creating work that you want to be in, as their success is your success.

What I noticed on whilst scrolling on Twitter is that many actors aren't stating what they are firstly or placing any contact information on their profile. So to help, here are a few tips to tightening up your profiles on Twitter, after all drama schools don't teach social media skills.

1. Your headshot should be your Twitter picture. This is important as it is your image, your brand and you. You can add a separate image i.e. a movie still or a modelling image as your cover photo, but try to keep the photos of yourself drunk with a line of coke up your nose off your page.

2. State what you do. If someone is passing through your profile they want to know what you do for a job, so put it in your bio. It's great you have a passion for life and love avocados but lets keep this professional. All your social media pages are how you represent yourself and how you are seen within the industry, so keep it professional.

3. Who are you represented by? If someone wants to hire you or send you a script they may want to speak to your agent so pop it in your bio, with a link.

4. Spotlight. I have seen so many actors simply just pop their spotlight pin number on their page. This is useless. No one is going to copy that number into google and search for you. Get the link from the Spotlight website that leads directly to your CV. This way any potential contacts will know exactly how to connect with you, because all your contact details for your agent are right there.

5. Pin your showreel to your page. Did you know you can have one tweet constantly at the top of you profile? I highly recommend embedding your showreel here so people can view it with ease and quickly.

Just remember the easier you make it for somebody to connect with you, the more likely you will get work and a network. If someone can't find your details, they will simply give up and move on. 

Lastly remember to never put your own details on your profile, this is why you have an agent. They will appreciate it and networking through them helps you to work together.

Get you social media in check and let me know if you have any other tips.


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