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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Speaking to many of my actor friends, it is clear how acting and writing go hand in hand. 

For me my writing journey started back in 2012 when I decided to write my first novel. Not an easy thing to do but I thought I would give it a go. (I thought I would just write a book as you do).

What I quickly learnt, was that writing was hard (who knew). So I tackled my book by acting out scenes in my bedroom and imagining the film made from the book. This helped me to just write down all the images and scenarios in my head.

I was never very good at English at school and even now some of my blog posts the grammar and structure is appalling, but none the less I love to write and gave it a go.

I think all actors should write as we have many stories within us that should be shared. And if your writing is no good don't worry just put it out there and move on to the next piece. Your art will be judged anyway so do it for you. 

Never did I think my first novel would amount to much but it is on sale in e-form and paperback on Amazon and also will be available in Foyles (Southbank) come next month. I would love to know what you think of it so grab a copy here.

I am always collaborating with other actors on scripts and writing my second novel as we speak. If you have any scripts you want to share by all means send them to chippedproductions@hotmail.com as I would love to read your work.

Keep writing actors as you never know where it will lead and it helps develop your understanding of characters and journeys.

See you next week.


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