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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Further from my last post 'The Free Drama School' many people have asked me 'that's all great but how do I seriously fit my passion and dream into my life I have to work?'

Now, yes I know, London rent is ridiculous (I live in Waterloo), you have 4 part time jobs (I've been there), and you haven't seen you best friend since before Christmas (I'm sorry Jen). Well firstly let me say you aren't the only one so get over yourself. Now if you are really serious about acting and performing then:

Sneak off in your lunch breaks to read a script (your colleges are overrated anyway).

Write that one person play whilst up at 3am (you don't need sleep whilst dream chasing).

Get up earlier, get up earlier, GET UP EARLIER (how much do you really want it?).

Say no to those drinks every Friday night and go home to work (your friends will still like you).

Schedule your tweets for when you are at work (it's keeping you visible).

Spend your days off writing to casting directors (even do it whilst in the park if you want to get out).

Turn off that bloody episode of Big Brother (I mean really. Take a hard look at yourself).

Go to class (they are expensive but so is that cocktail you just brought without hesitation).

Buy that script you want (walk for 30 mins rather than the tube if you can't afford it).

Listen to casting podcasts on the tube (even if you need a nap it will go in).

Film yourself brushing your teeth as a different character each morning (I mean it).

Climb the escalator (the Viking roles won't come to skinny folk).

Swap your lunch break to go to that audition (you should not be turning them down).

Find a job with other creative people (they can help grow your network).

Jeremy Kyle is not your friend, GET THE HELL UP (the world is ticking by).

What I am trying to say is, if you really want this career then you will do anything in your power to make it happen so stop making excuses and saying tomorrow. Start today. Make acting your affair and work for it whenever you can. You only get one shot on this planet so don't waste it guys.


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