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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

So you've left drama school and your last job was back in November but you need to keep training and learning right? So what do you do? Attend class? Go to workshops? Or even sit in on that Q&A? 

As actors money can sometime be non-existent. No money for that workshop you want to attend, no money for that class you want to go to, no money for that bill that just came through. But there are things we can do to keep our acting muscles flexed and training.  

FILM YOURSELF (Not in a 'Zack and Miri Make A Porno' way)

Every phone has had a camera on it for years now, and you know what, they are pretty decent in the scheme of things. So why not grab that monologue you like from that film you saw and act it out to camera. Watch it back, see what you like and don't like. Show it to a friend for feedback and record it again. It is honestly amazing how much you will learn from watching yourself back. Generally in drama school you don't get to and once you are on a job you probably won't either. So do it now and learn to tone down that over active eyebrow.


It seems simple, but even I need reminding every now and then to just read. Read books, read news articles, read alternative facts and read magazines. You never stop learning from other people's writing so since English back in school why have you stopped reading? Also try not to keep it all in your head. Read that story about the woman castrated her husband for cheating out loud. Get your sight reading up to scratch and you will high five yourself when you nail that cold read in front of Nina Gold.


My favourite one to do. We were once children with an imagination and I definitely would find hours of pleasure with a cardboard box acting as if I was about to land on the moon. But somewhere between taking the bins out and that final notice on the doormat we lose our spark. I am telling you now there is nothing more fun than improvising a one man scene (or various characters if you do the voices) in your room. Pretend you are somewhere else and talk from that characters point of view as you stir stock into that mushroom risotto for what feel like eternity. Order your coffee from Starbucks with a new accent each day or get into a conversation with someone you don't know pretending to be a member of a cult (I am of course not condoning fraud here). Just have fun and explore the characters you have within you. Just don't get caught out or it makes for an embarrassing, earth swallowing moment. 

The world is your free drama school so keep attending.

Practicing acting everyday will make you a better actor and will also relax you when the castings and the jobs flow in. Even if you have a hectic schedule each day trying to earn that London rent money, take as little as a minute to read something new or act out a quick improvisation. Be that weirdo on the underground.

Have you got any tips for keeping training for free?


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