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Thursday, 16 February 2017

You may of seen it in the news and or seen that Sky have a campaign about it, but single use plastic is devastating our planet and we must do something about it.

Plastic is so widely thrown away that it has killed off life in some areas of the oceans, trashed beaches across the world and is now making it's way back into our food chain.

I'm not sure about you but I really don't fancy having plastic in my food, nor do I want to see the worlds beauty destroyed by something we use for literally just minutes. So along with acting posts, I though it would a good idea to share three ways we can help to reduce our use of plastic. I know it is down to the big companies to come on board as well but we can also help and these tips are very simple to follow.

1. Bottle Your Water

Now I was once really guilty too of constantly buying bottled water, before class, before a job, before the cinema. But you know what, this is one of the leading causes in single use plastic and it is not as recycled as much as you think it would be. To get around this buy yourself a nice water bottle. I even recommend looking in Primark as they have a huge range at the moment from £2. Buy yourself a Britta filter and fill it. You can even spruce it up by adding some mint or fruit, but you are no longer using single use plastic. These bottles are cheap and so is the filter (as little as £10) so along with saving the environment you will also save yourself some money in the long run. 

2. Buy Cans

Again single use bottles are washing up on beaches across the world. They do break down in the sea over a long period of time, but not fully, so your bottle turns from a large piece of plastic into many micro pieces that are digested by fish and then placed on your dinner plate. Cans are however recycled way more than plastic, so rather than grabbing a bottle of Coke when you need a sugar hit, buy yourself a can and know that it will more than likely be turned into another can in the future. It's a simple switch but will help a lot.

3. Buy Unpacked Vegetables

Now even before the devastation of plastic was highlighted to me I was always already questioning why every single piece of fruit and veg has to be wrapped in plastic. It serves no purpose. Granted it is hard to not purchase such items, I know, I live in Waterloo and my local food shops are a Sainsbury's Local and a Tesco Express. All the veg is wrapped in them. However, if I venture up to Holborn or Borough there are little fruit and veg stands that sell unpackaged items. And guess what as well, they are cheaper. Rather than buying the plastic just give you fruit or veg a good wash before devour it. It takes a little more planning but start doing it once a week and you will soon get into the routine of it.

It's simple changes like these that can make a real difference in the future. The 5p bag charge came in to stop us using bags and now we need to continue to look at the other areas where single use plastic is used. It really is simple, so let's start protecting our oceans and beaches now before it's too late.

Take the pledge here to reduce your plastic consumption thank to Plastic Pollution Coalition.


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