Cinderella Will Go To The Ball

Thursday, 30 March 2017

So this isn't a sponsored post but I wanted to promote a event which I love, had a laugh at and made many contacts from. And I know how much we all like to get absolutely wasted (drink responsibly) on a school night. I also know how important networking is for us actors and this is the perfect event to it at. The Raindance Independent Filmmakers' Ball.

Set within the beautiful Cafe De Paris (Piccadilly), the Filmmakers' Ball sees directors, producers, writers, executives and actors all drinking and dancing under one roof.

It is one of the events of the year that you don't want to miss out on, as the amount of contacts you can make as a actor is incredible. 

This event is the perfect place to dust of your cards and have a chat with all the up and coming film creators, meet other actor friends and dance your troubles away.

The night is topped of with a set from Natty Congeroo & the Flames of Rhythm (who are incredible and the ticket price is worth this alone) and a raffle for some film goodies (money goes to the Independent Film Trust).

So join myself and many filmmakers' and get down to Cafe de Paris from 7:30pm on April 26th.

Tickets are available here.

Mines a beer.


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