It's A Women's World: Part Two

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Part Two of our Women's take over for International Women's Day (March 8) sees us joined by Amy Kinder (Emergency: LA,  Knights of the Damned) and Emma Ralston (Into The Woods, The Frogs). 

I asked both what are the differences between being male/female in the performing industry.

Amy (@amyy_kinder): 

I think the answer to 'do you think being a female in the acting industry is different from being a male' question completely depends on your experiences within the industry. Personally I don't think so. I do think there is this stereotypical image of what roles would should be playing and how they should represent themselves, which rather annoys me. So, in that respect I feel there isn't enough variety yet to the roles women are presented with. I do however, feel this is gradually changing.

Who says a woman can't do this or that? After all; films, theatre and TV are supposed to replicate life truthfully, so it would be a lie to not include more women, even in stereotypical man roles too. I say, whoever you are, embrace yourself and present exactly who you are to the industry. There is a gap for everyone here and it is just about finding what your uniqueness is. Just go for it and don't let anything stop you.

I think the difference between being a women than a man in this industry is that it is a lot more competitive. In musical theatre especially it is very female heavy but I know there are many other industries that are male dominated. There are loads of females in musical theatre and there are not enough jobs for us all. What is interesting is there is now a lot of gender swapping happening within casting at the moment. In fact, the job I am about to start (The Frogs, Jeremyn Street Theatre), I will be playing a role that on Broadway was originated by a man. The director decided she would like the role played from a male perspective and so I will be the first woman playing this role in a professional production which is an exciting challenge.

A massive thank you to Amy and Emma for speaking to us. I completely agree that we should all just support each other and go for it, and that roles out there do not have to be played exclusively by men' as women come from all works of life too and some roles shouldn't it just be best person for the role?

Happy International Women's Week here at Life of an Actor.


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