The Game of Chance

Thursday, 2 March 2017

I am totally guilty of it too, but recently I have seen so many actors do a great job but deliver a very simple and underwhelming performance. So much so I think we need to relook at taking a chance.

So, you get a self tape audition, you set your camera up, learn your lines and then perform to camera. You get a casting and deliver your one line to Nina Gold exactly how it is written. But hey where is the character, where is the choice, where is your chancing?

It's easy to deliver a script simply, what is more interesting is when someone goes 'hey I think he/she would sound like this' or 'hey, I am going to make them have this weird tick'. 

As a director as well as an actor, it is so much easier to bring down someones performance rather than having to build it up. It is also so much more interesting to take a chance on a character personally and so much more exciting to watch when someone really goes for it. 

So from now on let's all take a vow. A vow that the next audition, casting or self tape you/I get that we are really going to go full pelt with our acting and take a bloody chance on our ideas and ability.

Here is a great example of an actor taking a chance (Jason Momoa) and as you probably know he got the job.

*I do not own this video, all rights go to HBO.

Until next week.


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