Why Don't You Like Me?

Thursday, 23 March 2017

We live in different days now, where everyone has their own promotional social media accounts to generate interest, promote work or to connect with fans. We all have Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to name just a few (because there are so many now I can't even get my head around the all). Your favourite singers, actors and directors are all there ready to message and support in the click of a button. But hey, so are your friends.

What I find interesting here is that we (and yes I include myself) are very keen to support the successful ones; not hesitating to buy their album, see their latest film or attend a gig. All parting with our money without thought. But yet when we see shows that need the press, friends in fringe shows and indie films asking for help we are all less inclined to support. Why is this?

Beyonce has millions, Brad Pitt isn't becoming homeless anytime soon but your friend in a play at a small London theatre probably isn't being paid. Support them. 

This also comes down to likes on social media. We are quick and keen to tap and like Taylor Swifts latest post or David Beckham's latest picture, but when one of your friends posts you may think twice. However, social media is now really important in the industry and those likes and shares generate interest in a person and help support their growth on that platform. Let's also face it Taylor isn't going to be short of them.

So what am I saying? Well, let's really start supporting each other on the way up. Like your friends posts, retweet their tweets and spend a little money helping the up and coming artists. I am going to make a pledge that every month I will spend £10 on a different Kickstarter or Indie Go Go campaign, from a new film, a new show or an artist in need. Now that doesn't sound like much, but imagine if we all did that. So much more work would be generated and more independent films and shows would be out there for us to be in and see. And let's face it two beers in London is more expensive.

Let's start supporting and really start supporting each other, and of course you can start my signing up to my blog here : )


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